Prices for the different service categories

An easy price structure with a regular price and an early bird offer, if you book at least 7 days in advance and 4 different types of transfer services offer you exactly what you need!

Connected coach This service is a combination where the first coach will bring you to/from Tirana International Airport to the North / South coach terminal. From there you take the long distance coach to Shkoder city center (or vice versus). The total duration of this trip will be approx. 3,5 hours. The ideal service if you want to mingle with Albanian citizens. Price will be € 9.- per person (from Airport to Shkoder) and € 7.- for the trip from Shkoder to Tirana Rinas airport (via North / South coach terminal). Please note: The coach will not wait in case your flight is delayed. You take the next available coach (usually every hour from 06.00 to 15.00 during the day).

Direct coach This service is currently available 4 times a day with fixed departure times at Tirana International Airport and Shkoder. Price is € 10.- / 1.000 LEK per person. Please note: The coach will not wait in case your flight is delayed. You will be rebooked to the next available coach.

Direct Taxi This service is currently available 11 times a day. You book a seat in a shared taxi and enjoy the non-stop trip from Tirana Rinas airport to Shkoder (or return). The beauty for this service you will be picked up / drop off at any location in Shkoder (hotel, private home, office, bus-station from Theth or Razman etc.) free of charge. Price will be € 19.- (day) / € 24.- (night) person.

DE LUXE Taxi This service is available 24/7 with departure times decided by you, and you will be picked up / dropped off at any location in Shkoder city or Shkoder South District* without any extra cost. The car is at your own disposal for up to 3 passengers. Duration of the trip will be approx. 2 hours! The ideal service is you are a family, group or on a business trip. You will enjoy free Wi-Fi-connection and water during the whole trip! Price for the whole car will € 50.- (day) / € 60.- (night) for a one-way trip up to 3 person!

Extra-Bonus for TAXI transfers: In case your incoming flight is delayed the car will wait for you or you will be rebooked to the next available transfer free of charge!

Ealy bird! Book at least 7 days prior to departure and get the best price from only € 9.- per person, and trip and your journey are confirmed for sure!

Regular! Book up to one hour prior to departure (subject to availability) with a surcharge of € 3.- per person with taxi transfers!

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